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Service Station-Outside Pump Area SuppliesClassico Smokers Outpost Metal (Gulf Site)

Classico Smokers Outpost Metal (Gulf Site)


Create an upscale appearance while keeping the environment clean with the stylish metal Smokers' Outpost units.  All units are oxygen-restricting, extinguishing cigarettes quickly without the hassle of messy sand.  Perfect for any business or property to keep unsightly cigarette litter hidden from public view.


Durable all-steel construction is fire-safe; wont melt or burn.

Galvanized pail liner included for easy maintenance

Keyhole cigarette opening discourages unwanted litter

Textured powder-coated finish won't discolor pavement

Size: 40" H x 15" D (102cm H x 38cm D)

Weight: 15 lbs. (6,8 kg)

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